1 year ago

Teamwork is all about different parts working together to benefit the whole while Success.

Everyone is different and has its own talents, ideas, strengths and weaknesses when the power is channel towards the right path a team can be more capable, more efficient and overall, more successful than someone working alone.

Football is a perfect example of team Work. The quarter back relies on his line man to block defenders while relying on his receives to get open and his coach to make a play call. Similarly, the defense relies on their coaches and teammates to stop the offense.

Teamwork requires adequate contributions from all members of the group in order to accomplish the task

Teamwork requires unity, co-operation and understanding for success to be achieved.

When you work alone, there is no outward perspective to offer another way of thinking or achieving a different technique, to achieve a particular idea will be difficult.

Solution is always created out of collaboration with success team rightly in place.  There would be ways of combining unique skill sets to build a perfect and successful life/environment

Nobody is perfect No one is an island of Sucess

However, you must consider choosing a workable team for yourself balancing their strength and weaknesses to create huge Success Stories.