2 years ago

Big things at times does not incessantly start in a big way all the time but they have to grow from the root to become big and strong.

Skyscraper/ High rise building we see everywhere in the world are built from the scratch to become that tall.

Big and tall trees started growing from small, they don't sprout in a day.

Things has to be done one after the other with proper planning. Journey of a thousand miles start with a step they say;

The Ants do plan.

The Ants are very small but that was not allowed to limit their strength of creativity. They built large ant hills that even accommodate bigger animals, because it does not dispise the power of their humble beginning. They started small and make it big.

The principle to a good success is growth and growth involves starting small and turn it big not blow as many desire it.

Living creature must grow not blow.

If you are a living, continual growth must be desire using the power of 3p's

Be Predetermined, Be Passionate, and Be Principled.

The massive population of the world started with 2persons.


Therefore; do not hesitate to start small,  think big and grow bigger